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How Are You? Back Yard Birding Can Help Reduce Anxiety - and a free offer to help

How are you? Two months ago, it was a simple question that always followed “Hi!” In our Midwest upbringing, the countersign was “Fine.” which was the way we hit the conversation ball back to the first person.

How are you? Today it has an urgency. How are you physically? At the door of our grocery store there is a person asking if you have a fever? Chills? Shortness of breath? Cough? Of course, the person is asking about the common symptoms of COVID-19, the source of so much uncertainty in the world.

How are you? There is another side to that simple question that is harder to answer. How is your mental health? How are you coping with quarantine or the more polite phrase of “sheltering in place”? Are you struggling with changes in living arrangements? Job status? Child care? Home schooling? Working from home? So much new anxiety.

Today I received an email that touched me, and I want to share it with you. It approaches “How are you?” differently. Instead of accepting “Fine”, one woman asked her friend “How can I help?”. This is her story and how Prairie Melody wants to help.

The rural North Country is a beautiful place with woods, streams, and any number of wild things. Her people are normally strong and self-reliant. This spring, her friend's anxiety that was simmering under the surface has unexpectedly boiled over by events around COVID-19. I have changed the names and removed the location in her email. We should all have friends like this.

Hi there :) I’m sending this email on behalf of my friend Heather. She is such a sweet person, she has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children Julia and Sam. They are her world. She has been out of work since covid19 as many have sadly :( she is struggling financially and mentally. She has always had depression and anxiety issues, but they are getting much worse. I wish I could give her the world because she truly deserves it. The reason for my email to you this afternoon has to do with helping her out. We do not have any money at all, we are out of work as well. My friend Heather loves birds 🦅 so I came across your website and thought I would take a shot in the dark to see if you would be able to send her a surprise gift in the mail to make her smile and be able to feed and watch the wild birds :) if you are able and would like to make her smile by sending her something bird related in the mail. A feeder, some bird seed or something. She could just look out and enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to read this message God bless.

Of course, we sent Heather some of our black oil sunflower birdseed. The spring migration is in full flight in the North Country and it is our hope that it will attract Heather’s favorites.

Do you know someone who would benefit from the healing presence of Nature in their back yard, but do not feel that they can provide food in return for the beauty it offers? At our nest, Mrs. Prairie Melody and I know firsthand the healing power of Nature – it is an amazing and awesome thing – but that is a story for another day.

You can help someone by bringing Nature into their back yard during this time of uncertainty. Click on this link and use the coupon code HOW-CAN-I-HELP at check out. Prairie Melody will send your friend a free 2.75-pound package of our pesticide free black oil sunflower birdseed with a card that reminds them that someone they know is supporting them. Be sure to put your friend’s name and address in the Shipping Address box. No charge to you or to your friend in need. This offer is good only for our 2.75-pound package delivered in the United States. We will close the offer on 30 June 2020. We will not add them to our newsletter list unless they contact us. You can always unsubscribe from our list at any time.

How are you? At our nest we bring the question into the moment by asking “How are you, today?”. The answer is not always positive (and is not always honest) because it is a complex question. “Fine” isn’t always fine. One thing that we believe is that Nature is healing. Please help a friend who is struggling.

Today, it gives better meaning to our tagline that “Every back yard makes a difference!”

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