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Gluten Free Chicken Food from Prairie Melody™ – Hexane Free and Non GMO, Too!

COVID-19 has introduced many people to raising their own chickens for eggs and as pets. We like chickens with their unique personalities and their attitudes. To try some of our new chicken food, use the coupon code APRILBIRDWATCHER for 10% off your order and FREE SHIPPING.

Our interest in chickens started with our children. At that time, they were both Montessori preschoolers and the head mistress decided to get hens for the children to care for. The eggs would be for making pasta, the hens would help with insect control in the gardens, and the children would be the primary care givers. Our son (a displaced farm boy) was five years old and pronounced that he and his daddy could build anything, and we would build the chicken coop. After some pre-internet research, we found a building plan that he could help, and we proudly delivered the coop (which was still in use 10 years later).

A preschool Kate with a new chick
Kate with a new chick

Forward now about 15 years and we were talking to new friends from Heber, Utah. They have backyard hens and enjoy producing their own eggs. Janet shared that her husband could not eat the eggs because they aggravated his gluten sensitivity. Could we provide a chicken food that was non GMO and help with his gluten intolerance?

We discovered that most chicken food contains wheat as a filler source of grain. It is cheap and plentiful, so feed manufacturers use it extensively in budget animal feed. The problem for Janet’s husband is that it had triggered his gluten intolerance.

With him in mind, we developed Prairie Melody™ chicken food for backyard hen parents who want to be sure their hens are eating the best food and their people get all the things they need – and none of the things they don’t. Janet’s family is now enjoying their home-grown eggs without worries from the gluten hiding in their chicken food.

Did you know most chicken food is made using hexane? Hexane is an organic solvent (lower-case “organic” meaning derived from petroleum and toxic) used to extract oil from seeds for animal feed. The seeds are separated into oil and “meal” which is used to provide protein in the poultry food mix.

Industrial Soy Oil Refinery
Industrial Soy Oil Refinery Using Hexane Extraction

Prairie Melody™ poultry food does not use the hexane extraction process – we use only pressure to squeeze out the oil from the seed. The pressure method is used for USDA Organic feeds and we like to use USDA Organic methods whenever possible. Pressure leaves some of the oil in the meal which provides more energy in the food and more oil to help with skin and feathers.

Good food and safety provide for healthy hens
Healthy Hens In Back Yard Pasture

Try our new Gluten Free-Solvent Free-Non GMO chicken food in the 25-pound bag or our new Gluten Free-Solvent Free-Non GMO chicken treat with our April discount coupon APRILBIRDWATCHER. You will receive 10% off your order and free shipping! Our 25-pound bag is a plain paper package that you can use as compost in your garden or simply recycle. Our tag reminds you that your hens like it when you use recyclable paper (and fancy bags don’t make better eggs).

We love introducing new products that support the mission of Prairie Melody™. Every backyard makes a difference! Send us a picture of your backyard chickens and we will send you a special coupon code for your next order.

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