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Giving Thanks for Your Support of Prairie Melody™

I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas. Thanksgiving is about being humble and appreciating what others have done for you. THANK YOU for supporting Prairie Melody™ through your purchases of our bird seed and chicken feed. THANK YOU for spreading the word through social media and for all the Likes, Loves, Claps and other emojis – they make a difference. Finally, THANK YOU for believing that Every Backyard Can Make A Difference.

Thanks to our retail partners for their support and encouragement – we couldn’t do this without you. We are now in retail in 8 states and will soon be in the southwest US. Thanks to our e-commerce platform partners of Amazon and Chewy and will soon join them when we get some IT bugs worked out.

THANK YOU to our fundraising partner organizations. Will County Audubon Society will always be special as our first fundraising partner. Champaign County Audubon Society joined them this fall. We participate in the Mahomet-Seymour FFA store which provides support for their activities.

A big Thank You to the staff at Clarkson Grain Co., Inc. for their support and drive to see Prairie Melody succeed.

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Prairie Melody who is the person behind the camera for all the great pictures that you see on our site and our social pages. (I’m the one who takes the clunky ones). Here are a few of my favorites.

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