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Already have a feeder? The Home Bonus Set is great for storing your birdseed to stay fresh and away from pests.

At Prairie Melody™, we believe that every backyard can make a difference to our environment.

Pesticide Free means we do not allow pesticides during production, storage, or packaging of our birdseed. Pollinator Friendly with greater sustainability and more biodiversity in our fields. Prairie Melody™ birdseed is Natural and Non-GMO. No pesticide residue means it is safe for little hands helping to fill your feeder. Attracts a wide range of songbirds including: Cardinals, Nuthatch, Titmouse, Chickadee, Goldfinch, House Finch,Grosbeak, Bunting and more.

Why double clean? Our no pesticide policy extends to everything touching the seed including while it is in storage. We do not fumigate our birdseed to kill storage pests, so our seed needs to be extra clean. Double clean birdseed also flows better in your feeders. You expect high quality and Prairie Melody always strives to deliver on your expectations.

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