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Prairie Melody Gluten Free Chicken Feed is NonGMO and Solvent Free.

Gluten Free Chicken Feed

It started with a conversation at a small diner in central Utah.  Our friends had eliminated gluten from their diet but the husband was still having trouble.  Could it be the eggs?

Another friend has a daughter with celiac and acute gluten allergies but loves to care for their backyard chickens.  Is there a gluten free chicken feed that is nonGMO?

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Our Ingredients

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Our top ingredients are nonGMO corn and nonGMO soybean.  We do not use wheat midlings in our chicken feed as a cheap filler.  Gluten comes from wheat and it doesn't benefit you or your chickens.

Our soybean meal is made without solvents such as hexane to remove the oil.  Our meal contains more oil for better skin and feather health.

What Our Customers Say

Mindy B.
Biloxi, MS

  I wanted to say how much my family, and girls, love our feed! With my family having Celiac Disease, I was on a mission to find something healthy for us to feed our 4 chickens without gmo's, gluten, and pesticides. It's the best decision we made with Prairie Melody, not only for the products, but also for the AMAZING commitment the company has to animals, and the customer service is like no other, y'all really are the best!!  Thank you SO much,

Curtis S.

It's fantastic the chicks love it and [my son] can take part in all parts of their care now. Thank you so much for your help... 

 We're definitely going to continue ordering from you folks you've been fantastic. 

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