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Pesticide Free Prairie Melody Sunflower Birdseed
Praire Melody Sunflower Birdseed Pesticide Free Support Organic Growers
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Prairie Melody™ Pesticide Free
Black Oil Sunflower Birdseed

"Every Backyard Makes A Difference"

We are offering a 10% savings on our 40-pound AND 12-pound bags of sunflower birdseed. Use coupon code SPRINGPEEPS2024 at checkout to help with shipping.    Thank you for your support!

Our Pesticide Free black oil sunflower birdseed is Glyphosate Free and uses 
No Neonicotinoid Insecticide in production, storage or packaging.

Contains only USDA Organic
Black Oil Sunflower grown in Illinois.

Natural and Non-GMO. Pollinator Friendly. Supporting local farmers in transition to USDA Organic sunflower production. 

Sunflower Monarch_edited.jpg
Sunflower field in full bloom.jpg
Sunflower field in full bloom.jpg

What do our customers say?

Thank you Folks,

Best product on the market, hands down (wings down?). ;-)

Take good care.  Very best wishes.

Judy C.
Santa Cruz, CA

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From backyard bird feeding to backyard hens, we share your values and your desire to do our part.

Community Involvement is important. We provide job experience to members of our community with mental and physical challenges.

Northern Cardinal looking around red bird feeder.JPG

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have a replacement policy for damaged or defective product? Yes, we will replace any damaged or defective product within 30 days after purchase.

How should I store Prairie Melody™ birdseed? Our birdseed should be stored in a cool and dry place. We recommend freezing or refrigerating unused birdseed until you are ready to use.

Where is Prairie Melody™ made? Prairie Melody™ black oil sunflower is grown and packaged in the USA. Our farm is in central Illinois.

Do you use recyclable packaging? Yes, our package is a #6 plastic which is the same as a bread bag.  We use plain brown kraft bags for our 40-pound birdseed.  Your birds like paper and recyclable packages.

Can I feed Prairie Melody™ black oil sunflower to my chickens and goats? Yes! Chickens and goats love our black oil sunflower birdseed.

Is Prairie Melody™ black oil sunflower safe to eat? This product is not for direct human consumption. 

Is Prairie Melody™ black oil sunflower birdseed certified USDA Organic?  Prairie Melody™ sunflower birdseed is grown organic!  The packaging and final product is not certified organic.  That means no synthetic pesticides, no synthetic herbicides and no inorganic fertilizer are used in the production of our products.  Our sunflower birdseed is pesticide free, nonGMO and neonicotinoid free.  Neonics have been linked to widespread deaths of songbirds and bees.

Got more questions?  Please click the link and leave us a note on our Contact Us page.

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